I’m a filmmaker from Portugal currently based in Berlin. You can hire me to make video content for you. Or as a crew member for your next project. Just hit me up with what you have in mind.

I love meeting people and diving into situations. That’s why I enjoy film work so much. It’s like the camera becomes a vehicle through which I can explore and share life.

I got fixated on the idea of making documentaries while studying Journalism in Uni. I was already mixing live visuals (VJing) with bands but I knew nothing about capturing footage. So, in 2013 I signed up for a hands-on filmmaking course in London. It gave me the experience I needed to get started and since then I’ve worked on a bunch of projects across Europe. The biggest and most rewarding one so far was a documentary series made for RTP (Portugal's national television network).

Check out my portfolio section, there’s an episode in there somewhere 😉

I speak five languages and often mix them up but I'm proud to say that most of the time I can communicate with just about everyone who I cross paths with.

When the batteries are recharging, I enjoy surfing (the web) and connecting with people! Do you feel the vibe? Right on! Let’s do something together!